Electronic Lock Upgrade for Safe

Upgrade your safe lock today for quick and easy access

Are you tired or frustrated fumbling around with your mechanical safe lock in the dark? Does it take too long to open your safe? We can help!

No matter what safe you have, there is likely an option for an electronic upgrade to your old mechanical safe lock. 

There are many reasons you might want to upgrade you're safe to a digital keypad lock. 

  • Digital safe locks take seconds to open while mechanical locks take minutes
  • Safe Elocks have illuminated keypads which can be seen and used in the dark
  • Electronic safe locks are simple to use and require less physical dexterity to operate
  • Electronic Gun Safe Locks allow quick access to firearms in time of need

Can my safe be upgraded?

Yes, most safes today are built around commercial standards which allow the mechanical lock to be replaced by a standard digital keypad safe lock. 

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    83% of users state they prefer digital safe locks to mechanical dials

    Electronic Safe Lock Upgrade

    Making your safe quick and easy to access.

    Electronic Lock Upgrade for Safe