Safe & Vault Locksmith Services

Are you searching for a safe and vault Locksmith? Dallas Safecracker can help.
Dallas Safecracker provides a full range of safe and vault locksmith services, throughout the Dallas Forth Worth Metroplex. Centrally located in the Turtle Creek neighborhood in Downtown Dallas, we area able to provide safe locksmith services to commercial and residential clients all over Dallas County, Collin County, Tarrant County, and Denton County.

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Locksmith Services for Safes

Safe Unlock Service

We can open almost any safe with little to no damage.

Safe Lock Upgrade Service

We can replace your mechanical combination safe lock with a state-of-the-art electronic keypad safe lock.

Safe Combination Change

We can change your safe combination or reprogram your digital safe lock.

Safe Installation Service

We will install your safe and bolt it down.

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Safe & Vault Locksmith Services

Safe & Vault Frequently Asked Questions

1Will a locksmith open a safe?
Yes, locksmiths are allowed to open safes for customers. Many times, our clients have problems getting into their safes due to forgetting or not knowing the entry code. For example, if a client just inherited a safe after the loss of a loved one, the code may not be known. However you find yourself locked out of your safe in the state of Texas, rest assured, we can open your safe for you.
2How do I open a combination safe without the combination or key?
At Dallas Safecracker, we have many methods of entry to open a safe or vault even in cases where the combination is lost or the key is not present. Our highly trained experts can pick most key locks and manipulate most combination locks, allowing damage free entry to the safe.
3Can you change a combination safe lock to electronic keypad lock?
Yes, most modern safes have standardized mechanical combination lock hardware, which can be replaced with electronic keypad safe locks. Upgrading a gun safe to electronic keypad is one of our most requested services.
4What do I do if my safe won’t open?
Stay calm. Most safes don’t open simply because the user is dialing the combination too fast or has entered the key code too many times. If you have a mechanical combination lock, review your combination and the dialing instructions. Dial the lock slowly and carefully taking care not to pass the numbers you're dialing too. If it still won’t open give us a call. If you have an electronic safe lock, then give it a couple of minutes to rest in the case that the lock may have had a couple of stray digits pressed. After about 5 minutes, carefully input the key code into the safe keypad. If the lock still doesn’t accept the code, try waiting 30 minutes or more. The lock may be in lockout mode due to an excess number of invalid entries. If the safe still won’t open or the electronic safe lock won’t respond to keypad entry, then its time to call a locksmith.

Dallas Safecracker came out to install a badge reader system at our downtown office. It's so nice to not have to worry about keys or having to lock up anymore. Thanks, Dallas Safecracker!

- Jane Davis

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